[News] Soyuz Rocket Sends Crew To Space Station

A Soyuz rocket was launched today containing the Crew Members of the 36th Mission to the ISS (International Space Station). Crew members Fyodor Yurchikhin, Karen Nyberg and Luca Parmitano were on board, their journey will take around 6 hours to reach their target of the ISS. They left Baikonur Cosmodrome at 02:31 local time on Wednesday (20:31 GMT Tuesday).
Luca Parmitano is scheduled to perform two spacewalks while in orbit. He told the BBC - "I've dreamt of doing that. Being an astronaut is about walking in space. For me, they are one and the same thing,"

Image NASA

Watch video of the launch below.

Video from NASA:

[News] Microsoft Release Two New Mice For Windows 8

Microsoft is about to release two new mice to help make Windows 8 easier to user. For those Windows 8 users who miss the traditional start button, it's kind of  back! There's a higher end version, available later next month (June 2013) and a lower end version that is available later this month. 

The Sculpt Comfort Mouse is the higher end mouse (pictured above). This is the version that includes the 'Start' button. It's located on the side of the mouse making it easy for users to click it as and when they need to. Pressing it takes you to the start screen and holding it down and swiping allows for short-cuts. It's on sale the end of next month (June 2013) and will cost around £30.

The second offering from Microsoft, Sculpt Mobile Mouse, is the more budget version. Notable exclusions are that it is missing the 'Start' button like it's more expensive brother and will cost around £20. This however is on sale later this month, featuring four-way scrolling which allows the user to tilt the wheel, left, right, up or down. 

They connect via Bluetooth  they will add a little more control and responsiveness for users. At the same time they will also help users with multitasking.  

[News] Are HTC Considering Releasing Stock Android HTC One?

Are HTC considering releasing a stock Android version of the HTC One? Google have recently announced that they will be selling the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a stock version of Android, through their Google Play store. 

For many Android lovers the dream has always been to own a great phone that is pure Android. Something that isn't choked up by useless apps added on by the manufacturer.  

According to Geek.com's sources, HTC is considering making a stock variant of the HTC One.

If this rumour is true, then there will not only be two options for stock Android phones, but two great phones running stock Android. 

The addition of the HTC One to the Samsung Galaxy S4 could finally provide users with a way to use Android, the way it was meant to be. 

Most versions of Android that have been adapted by the manufacturer tend to include pointless apps, that you may use once to see what they do, if that. So Android users may finally have a chance to use Android, the way it was meant to be. 

It also poses the question - does this mean the end of rooting?. In short, I think no. Simply because the whole point in Android is having something that you can customise and update as and when you like. By having two, if the HTC rumour is true, phones on the market offering stock versions may not be enough for some users. Considering the prices both devices are likely to be, the S4 is going to be priced at around £430 ($650). For many, that is simply out of their price range. 

[News] Apple CEO Hits Back At Claims Of Tax Avoidance

Apple CEO Tim Cook has spoken out in defence of Apple, after recent claims, accuse Apple of operating "a complex web of offshore entities" to avoid paying billions of dollars in US income taxes.

Senator Carl Levin has accused Apple of avoiding paying $9bn in tax in 2012, in the US alone.

But Mr Cook said: "We pay all the taxes we owe. Every single dollar."

However the Senate committee accepts there is no evidence that Apple has acted illegally.

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